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When Kayla Was Kyle
Amy Fabrikant
April 2008
To prospective writers.
       As a professional artist with around two hundred published paintings, I appreciate the value of personal input from a publisher. It’s an important ingredient in a writer-publisher relationship. Of course, we all know the word ‘personal’ can be found under “P” in the dictionary, but believe me, not too many publishers look up its meaning.
God smiled on me the day I came across Eric Patterson and Avid Readers Publishing Group.  I had been through so many formatting nightmares with my previous publisher that I was about to call it quits. Needless to say, breaking into the world of published novels is a far cry from my forty years in the art world. I guess I’ve been spoiled, having had a great N.Y. Agent to handle the licensing contracts from numerous art publishers.
        So, if you’re reading this you’re already off to a great start. You’ve short cut the painful elimination process. The process of sorting through the many publishing houses full of promises.  Publishing houses more proficient at ‘nickel and dimeing’ a hopeful writer to death than they are in assisting in a smooth passage and ‘pre-agreed upon’ cost of production.
       With each of my three manuscripts, Eric Patterson has been in contact with me several times each and every day by email and phone. He personally handles the formatting as well as my inexcusable editing. He has worked far and beyond the hours of any sane person and I thank him a million fold for his dedication and priceless contribution in hours and insurmountable assistance. He won’t like me saying this, but he also refused to allow me to pay him any extra toward the unexpected amount of corrections that I dumped onto him time after time . . . after time.
        I have, in the past, worked with another “major” book publisher, and by comparison with ARPG, they were amateurs with absolutely ZERO personal contact. Eric Patterson is by far the best thing that has happened to my book publishing. I hate to admit it, but realistically, I might have thrown the towel in with the other publishers, they just don’t have it. They have a lot of my money, but they don’t have “it.”
       Eric kept the vision alive and produced a top quality paperback - and he is  FFFFAST !!!!!! Eric Patterson and Avid Readers Publishing Group has . . . “IT.”          Thanks Eric. As I said many, many times since we began the first book . . . you are a saint mate. And the bookmarks are spectacular too!

Jason Denaro

Writers wishing to ask any questions are welcome to contact me at


To have found Avid Reader's Publishing Group is like finding that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I am so happy to finally have my manuscripts turned into novels and to experience the joy all over again of watching a new generation enjoy reading as much as I did when I was young. It is my goal to leave a legacy for years to come, ARPG is an important step in that direction of achieving that goal!
Thank you,
Diane Ganzer / Sammy St. Croix, authors of Trail Boss: The Quest as well as other upcoming titles
Write In Your Ear Productions

     There may be a lot of people like me who have written manuscripts over the years, but have never tried to get them published. Or, perhaps also like me who tried first with a traditional publisher only to be rejected when it was certain that the works deserved to be read by others.
     It turns out that Avid Readers Publishing Group was the answer to my prayers, after I had a lot of expense and no results with another “free” publisher on the Internet. I decided to forgo the traditional publishing route because I discovered I was not Madonna, Jay Leno, Jenna Bush, or a host of “celebrities” who suddenly became children’s book authors!

     The well known company I approached on line would accept manuscripts only in a format that I was unable to follow. Luckily, they referred me to another “partner company” which would help me with publication. After nearly a year and almost $500 I still had no book. I could see the cover online, (priced at over $20 and I’d make 72 cents per copy.) but they were never able to get the correct formatting and also the content in the correct order that I would accept. The final straw was when an unknown person from the company contacted me and asked “what is the status” of your project. I replied back, “that’s something that Jane Doe should know, ask her.” The reply I got back was “we have had a complete reorganization, blah, blah, blah.”
     I had known Eric Patterson (now ARPG Publisher) for some time and was talking to him about how he had a book published via another publisher. He told me he was now publishing with Avid Readers Publishing Group and using the same commercial printing company that was used by the previous company.
     Cut to the chase, ARPG has now published these Children’s books for me.”Waterworld Wonderways,” “Ten Spunky Monkeys,” and “Hey Benny Brown!” The books are all in full color and are priced at a reasonable $8.99 to $9.99. For adult students, ARPG has also published, “The American Nursing Shortage,” Online Art Education Programs”, and a book on Teacher Education and Accredited Doctorate Degrees is in the works.
   Eric has provided the formatting, page numbering, layout suggestions, and other factors that I was unable to do myself for only around $200 per book.  I know that Eric will have an interest in seeing that each author has a quality book on the market as mine are at and
     I would suggest that anyone who really wants to get their writing into book form and available at major distributors contact
Clifton C. “Cliff” Phillips, Ed.S.

Thank goodness for print on demand technology which has opened the doors for many authors who don't get the breaks necessary to get published by the major commercial publishers. Less than 1% of authors crack the major publishing industry and the majority of those are people who are celebrities with big name recognition. Because of this many high quality books never get published by the major commercial publishers, while a lot of lesser quality books do get published by them. I used two other print on demand publishers before coming on board with Avid Readers. The first one just didn't offer the quality I wanted and the second wouldn't cooperate when I wanted to lower the prices of my books to make them more affordable. The guy who started Avid Readers is also a writer and he got tired of the large print on demand publishers' high prices and overcharging so he started his own publishing company. So far I have three books published by ARPG and I will soon have a fourth. I recommend you use Avid Readers Publishing Group if you decide to self-publish.

Benny Prince

September, 2008

Every aspect of the publishing process has been handled with utmost professionalism by Eric and ARPG. He was involved every step of the way and answered each phone call and email promptly. Eric was available to discuss changes to the manuscript and improve upon the suggestions I made as the author. He added his expertise to the details which made for a better product. He was completely supportive to my needs and apprehensions involved in actually seeing the manuscript turn into a beautifully finished book. I would recommend Eric (ARPG) to anyone wanting to publish. When the time comes to write another book, I will certainly call Eric (ARPG).

Mary Jane Adams

October, 2008

I had worked on my book for two years, and was turned down by a "traditional" publisher. That rejection hurt. It was then that I sought out Diane Ganzer, who gladly and enthusiastically gave me Eric's (ARPG's) information, telling me that she has had great success having her own books published by his company. In just two very short months, my now published book, "Celebrity Sins," has been selling very well. My dream has been realized and I also have a book that I co-authored with Diane, so two books out in two months! The response is just overwhelming! I am now at work on the sequel to "Celebrity Sins." I have referred others to Eric as well. Thanks!

Christopher Swanson

November, 2008

I was apprehensive about going through the process of publishing my first book fearing contracts, fees and the unknown. I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly and quickly it went with ARPG. Eric is great to work with and kept me updated along the way on what would happen next. There were no added fees or required quantity of books to buy so it was stress-free. I am working on my next manuscript and ARPG will continue to be my publisher.
Clarissa Wolf
Qwincy, Feral Kitten Tamer

November, 2008


Catherine Poole

April, 2009

     Thank you so much Eric and Avid Readers Publishing Group for making my long time dream come true. The books are beautiful, top of the line quality as well as the experience.

     Being a first time writer, Eric was very patient and understanding walking me through each step, making sure I was happy with the end result, which I am. I recommend Eric and ARPG to all who have a dream.

Dinah Dillman Kaufman

July, 2009

     Eric Patterson from ARPG will be the only person I will entrust any future books I write and decide to self publish…here is why. 
     My true story, Red Hair and FrecklesRunning barefoot through the Storm, is the first book I have written. It took many years to complete working on it, on and off. Needless to say, I knew very little about the publishing process so, like most people now days, wishing to publish a book, I started my search on the internet. Not to get into a long story and spread details, a publisher was found I believed to be a dream come true; however; it would have been the worst nightmare of my life. What was learned was the difference between predators and publishers. The company that had contacted me topped the predators list calling themselves publishers.
     Not ready to give up, extensive research was now done first. After joining an on-line writer’s forum, my manuscript was discussed, and I received feedback that was desperately needed to better understand which direction to go. Valuable lessons learned were my manuscript was not novel size, and secondly, it might be best suited for self-publishing. 
     After several attempts at the do-it-yourself publishing sites, I found myself completely lost in a world unfamiliar to me…formatting. Spending hours upon hours, I read horror stories about people spending outrageous money to self-publish and being disappointed in the final product.  
     I started down a list of self-publishers and found…ARPG; I couldn’t find one negative thing about them listed on the net. From experience I learned quickly that if a company had a bad reputation it was splashed across the internet. 
     I contacted Eric Patterson (ARPG) and still being a bit confused about the publishing process, I fired off question after question. Never once did he get frustrated and not answer each inquiry I had. Even after he reminded me a zillion times this was a self-publishing place…I continued to badger him with concerns. His e-mails were prompt, and he answered every question, again and  again. I then went into hiding. I needed time to re-group and decide if I felt my work was marketable and if I could do it myself. After basically re-writing the entire manuscript and having several people proof read it, I contacted Eric again. This was almost one year later. 
     Once again Eric was helpful answering even more questions I had, and he explained how his company worked.  I couldn’t believe my luck finding a self-publishing place that was affordable to an average person. The book would have an ISBN number, available at a few on-line stores, and I had a hand in the cover design and the title, both of which were extremely important to me.  Also getting to know Eric as a man of his word, I entrusted in him to edit my book…even with help from friends my grammar was flawed.
     What resulted was an above average book that I am proud to call my work of art. The photo I sent Eric to use for the cover, he went above and beyond making it appear more professional than I could have imagined. The binding is strong, the printing sharp and clear…no smudging anywhere throughout the book, formatting without a flaw, and almost everyone that has seen the book can only say…”wow.”
     Once the process was started, it was faster than I could even keep up with. The books, when ordered, are here within two to three days after they ship. And to top it all off, the book markers he designed are beautiful.
     I can’t thank Eric enough…when my daughters call or talk to their friends, they talk about how proud they are of me, their mom…this dream might never have been, but it did all because of Eric Patterson (ARPG).  I recommend anyone wanting to self-publish their book to contact Avid Readers Publishing Group…just ask for Eric Patterson.      

Sandy England

July, 2009

Eric Patterson did a quick and thorough job with our galleys and edits. The turn around on the printing of our book was amazingly fast. And the best part was ARPG was/is inexpensive compared to many other self-publishers.

The whole experience was very professional. Thank you, ARPG.

Dr. Tanya Hazelton
co-author Ian’s Golden Passage

December, 2009

To all prospective authors,
I am a published writer/poet who would like to share with you my experience of having my Children's book "The Unhappy Little Dragon- Lessons Begin" published by Avid Readers Publishing Group. Mr. Eric Patterson is a very considerate, talented and caring individual who really worked hard to make my book become a reality. I was very impressed at how quickly he answered all of my emails, and with his formatting and layout of the book. He is someone you can count on from start to finish to advise and make the whole process easy on you. He not only answered my phone calls, he stayed on the phone with me and let me go through the book and ask loads of anxious little questions with amazing patience.

When I received the book in my hands, it was beautiful and exactly as I pictured it. It was online, available for purchase on, within days and everything his website advertises is the absolute truth. He is as good as his word and I recommend him to anyone and will be submitting more of my books to him in the future.
I wish you all good luck, but if you are working with Mr. Patterson, you won't need it!
Carolyn Wolfe <> <>

April, 2010

When I found Eric Patterson and Avid Readers Publishing Group (ARPG), it was like a breath of fresh air. They epitomize what caring is. I discovered Eric to be highly efficient, dependable, professional, helpful, inexpensive and a man of his word. I am thrilled to know that a publisher like this still exists. Thank you ARPG for your wonderful service done with integrity!


Make Tea, Not War <>

June, 2010

     For the past year, I researched various publishers to determine who would provide the best array of services for the best cost.  At the end of this investigation, I selected ARPG as the publisher of choice. I was able to achieve an excellent product through the dedicated attention and expertise of Eric Patterson. In dealing with Eric, I was most impressed with his prompt communications, the efficiency with which he responded to emails, and his attention to detail.
     Throughout the process, Eric was very patient in addressing the multitude of issues and editing changes that surfaced and needed attention. I felt as if I was in very good hands and that my publisher cared enough about my book to make sure that it was formatted well. I was given every opportunity to approve changes in fonts and covers and formatting. Eric was always responsive and attentive to my many concerns. I owe him profound thanks for supporting me through this process and making sure that my needs were met.
     To aspiring authors, I would encourage you to work with ARPG to get your book published. The price is very affordable and your manuscript will get the prompt, dedication attention it needs to become a published book. If you would like to contact me, please email me
     ARPG renders a valuable service and it is my hope that Eric will continue to make working with new authors his service mission. ARPG, you are appreciated!

Dr. Barbara Holmes

Author, Dissertation Development Strategies: A Doctoral Student Resource

February, 2011

            Will I be a renowned novelist someday? Not if I had to continue to deal with snobby literary agents and small minded publishers. The most common response: “We get too many submissions to bother looking at your work.” (I’m paraphrasing, mind you.)
Next step, I looked at every self publishing option I could find. More frustration!
             The feeling I got was that they don’t care about anything but getting your money. They are now mostly two big corporations that merged together.
             Depression set in as I came to grips that the work that I was so proud of would have to be turned over to these faceless profiteers. In a last ditch effort I found Avid Readers Publishing Group. After one conversation with Eric, I knew I made a wonderful discovery and put my faith in him. He made me feel safe, like I was turning my baby over to an honest man. This is something so lacking in our economic paradigm. It’s hard to trust anyone today, and my novel is one of my most cherished possessions. He gave my manuscript the treatment it deserved and as I look at my book, on the desk next to me, all I can say it “It’s Freaking beautiful!”
I highly recommend Avid Readers Publishing Group; I can assure you, with my experience, that Eric is the best choice if you want honesty, integrity and a wonderful outcome in publishing. Thank you, Eric! And I won’t forget you when I’m on the best sellers list.
              Vince L. Marcanti     author of - The Last Independent

March 25, 2011
After a very unpleasant experience with a shameful publisher, I rewrote my book. Another author, who was very pleased with Eric, gave me his information, and he made no claims which he could not keep. I was truly delighted to get a press release in my mailbox from Amazon the other day. No such mail from the other publisher was ever received.
The book is "awesome,"and I'm so excited to announce my very first ever book signing coming up on April 2nd. The other publisher made hollow promises, but Eric has made my day. Anyone needing a reliable publisher that puts out a truly great product should sincerely consider Avid Readers Publishing Group.
Noah B. Dillion

June 22, 2011
We were so lucky in finding Eric Patterson and his company, Avid Readers Publishing Group. He is not only very competent technically, he is extremely kind and patient. He is totally “hands on” and very much cares about how your book will look and come out in final product form. He is always very accessible and easy to reach, either by email or by phone when needed. My husband and I were perfectionists when it came to how we wanted the book to look, causing a couple of problems with our unique requests. Eric never disappointed us and “stayed the course” until the end, giving us a beautiful book exactly the way we had first pictured it and wanted.

Cindy & Mike Smith, Nettie Parker’s Backyard

Sept 9, 2012
"If you are looking for a publisher that puts you and your ideas first, then Eric is the person you want. Just because he has the best price to produce a book, don't believe the old saying, "You get what you pay for!." I sent him my manuscript on a Friday and by the following Thursday, the book was totally finished and was being sent to print. Eric is outstanding in communicating with you throughout the process and answers any questions you may have. There is no hidden costs involved, it is spelled right out on his website. When I do another book, without question or hesitation, Eric will be the one to do it! Don't waste any more of your time looking for the right publisher, you have just found him!"
Steve Wood
"Welcome to My Painting Class.........YIKES"

Feb 26, 2013
I have published two books with Avid Readers Publishing Group, Hide and Seek With My Doggy, in 2011, and, My Doggy The Big Helper, in 2012, which are part of my series titled, My Doggy and Me. I love working with Eric as he has made the publishing process very easy and fast. Eric always takes the time to answer my emails promptly making my experience with ARPG above exceptional! Book ordering is easy and very fast. I love that you can print on demand. You can order as few or many books at one time as you need. The contract is straight forward with no hidden material. Overall, I highly recommend ARPG for your book publishing needs. Great company, and Eric takes it to a higher level by always providing outstanding customer service at all times! I am looking forward to my continued relationship with Avid Readers and to the publication of the remainder of my series!
By: Angela Bucklaschuk

August  26, 2013
Eric Patterson and Avid Readers Publishing Group has published my two books, The Factor of Eighteen and It's all About the Athlete. Eric is one of the most professional people I have dealt with. He was beyond patient with me as he answered tons of questions and dealt with multiple edits on my books. He was always very quick to respond to my emails. His work is very professional and I was more than pleased with the final product. Writing a book has been something I wanted to do for a long time. Eric made the process so much easier and enjoyable. I would highly recommend using Eric Patterson for your publishing needs. His prices are extremely reasonable and the quality of his work is second to none. You will not regret using Avid Readers Publishing Group.

John Blankenship