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Once your book has been self published, you'll want to find ways to increase your sales. One way that can help do this is to use Amazon's "search inside the book program." For only $59 you can get your title enrolled so you can start reaping the benefits which, according to Amazon, includes selling more of your books in three important ways.

Improved Search Results- When customers do searches for certain material, Amazon actually uses words from inside participating books, not just the title, author, and key words. With this feature, customers can now find books regarding content they may never have even searched for without an author name or book title.

Automated Personalization and Merchandising- Books enrolled in the search inside the book program are automatically enrolled in this feature. If someone buys a book about dog training, for example, the next time that person goes back to Amazon, he may get some recommendations for other books on dog training, which just might be your book.

Point of Sale Sampling- Customers have the option to use Amazon's Look Inside reader, which allows them to preview sample pages, view random pages, and search for certain characters for references.

These three features are great for the print on demand industry because they have the potential to tremendously increase the audience of your self published book.
Amazon's Search Inside the Book Program