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Are you feeling down, depressed, and under a lot of stress, well it's about time for you to Get up & Help Your Damn Self! Get Up & Help Your Damn Self was not written to help you; this book was written for you to help your damn self! This book is filled with the naked truth concerning human behaviors and/or attitudes, in reading this book you will not experience pampering nor was this book written to support any life pity parties. If you are tired of your own lack of success the contents of this book is for you. If you want to read something to pamper you, don't get this book, trust me I am the Author! In this book you will find ways that you can change the direction of your life by simply getting up and helping your damn self! Get Up & Help Your Damn Self is my contribution to the world, to facilitate in reducing human depression, stress, and/or frustrations some of which we see could lead people to criminal behaviors, early deaths, and/or poverty. I believe after reading this book you will have what you need to know to HELP YOUR DAMN SELF!