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Elder George states that Western thought suffers from a gender imbalance - specifically from a lack of masculine influence - and does not understand the purpose of human existence, which he maintains is the propagation and preservation of humankind while on its spiritual journey. Consequently, Western thought has pursued a grossly materialistic lifestyle, leading to the destruction of the family and implosion of society. He attributes the issues facing society - high prison population high divorce and adultery rates, the growing dependency on medication, and the increasing incidence of mental illness - on Western thoughts ignorance of gender and the patriarchal structure necessary for the well-being of humankind. He believes many people - especially those with a marriage,family, and spiritual orientation,- realize the limitations of the materialistic society that engulfs them. They seek direction. A Gender Handbook for Western Man offers them hope by describing in logical, non-technical, and readily understandable terms the natural patriarchal way of life that supports family. It also contains examples of patriarchy in action, or the lack of it, in 39 essays taken from newspaper columns and blogs written by Elder George.