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Norman Gundrum, Jr. was just fifteen years old when he was arrested for the murder of his friend, Bobby Coup. Eighteen years later he tells his story through hometown writer Shane Hoffman. In his third book, Hoffman comes across a package of letters written between his grandmother and Mr. Gundrum and takes the chance of contacting Mr. Gundrum in hopes of telling the story behind the convicted murdererís eyes. As he visits and writes Mr. Gundrum in prison, he gets the untold side of the murder. In a life where Norman was severely bullied, molested, and ignored, he bares it all in this raw memoir. Shane Hoffman digs deep into the psyche of Mr. Gundrum and reveals a story that will horrify some and open the eyes of others. The only question to ask yourself is Are You Dead Yet?

At age 21, Shane Hoffman has completed the rare task of completing his third book. In a style of writing that horrifies some and helps others, he has shown he is not afraid of hitting that raw nerve. He is currently a college student that resides in Central Pennsylvania and plans on continuing his writing career.